Tiffany glassy dome

However many contexts were written about glassy domes, here, we want to explain perfect contents about the most beautiful glassy dome, means tiffany glassy domes.
The role of dome in architecture is clear for us, and this beautiful structure plays an important role in Islamic architecture. But, we should know that antiquity of glassy domes are for last centuries and it was common that they were used in places where glory and greatness were needed. One of the factors which adds beauty to these domes, is painted glass.
One of the painted glasses is tiffany glass and in this text, we want to explain how to make and use them in architecture.
When we talk about dome form, it doesn’t mean a total form of sphere. In fact, it’s not required to imagine a complete dome for this. This form can be a lens with some concavity. In this glass, important point is that there is capability to volume by this technique. And for many years, this has been used to make cap lampshade and decorative lights.

glassy domeHere we see a tiffany glass to make lampshade and it indicates capability of this glass to make glassy volumes

glassy domeIn tiffany domes, color variation is seen and it make the design more prolific and light shining from back of these glasses gives a beautiful sparkles to space

glassy domeTo make glassy structures, a metallic and strong structure is needed as a base and glasses are installed on it. This structure with any form and arc should be divided to several parts so that glasses are made and installed in small items.

glassy domeAfter frame installing and accurate measurement, glassblower begins his/her drawing, carefully. Then, he/she cuts glassy items and selects them based on colored design. This design can be showed step by step. Items replacement and their soldering to each other are difficult and complicated steps and artist can do them with elegance

glassy domeBased on figure, glassy items are welded and connected on the . They should be corresponded to frame

glassy domeFinal installing the glassy items on the frame is done in project place and in this way, lens form tiffany glass project is finished.

glassy domeHowever, in Iran, some kinds of this glass is rare and architects don&rsquot use them in their designs so much, by respect to history and ss in this field, we offer to use these glassy structures to make beautiful and lux the space.
Tiffany and stained glass domes are not particular to large spaces, but they can be used even in an apartment  and stunning beauty

glassy domeglassy domeSometimes in places which are installed by tiffany and stained glass, has a center to hang chandelier and it’s dep on resident’s taste

Tiffany domes can be installed in outside or inside spaces. In inside spaces, they don’t need protective cover , but if they are beside outside space, tiffany glass should be protected by a tempered or laminated glass and it’s done easily and doesn’t effect on painted glass.
By respect to all cases, it seems that Iranian architecture had a gap without tiffany and stained glass. We hope that in future, by cooperation among artists and glassblowers and architects we can see glory structures of glass in architecture

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