Stained glass dome making

Glassy domes were attended many centuries ago worldwide. Because dome form structures have strength and show the space wider than real form. In addition, they add grandeur to space. Today, in modern architecture, these glassy domes with their special designs make a different space.
A safe glass should be applied to make glassy domes. Stained glass is so safe and can be made in convex or concave forms. Because metallic wires are used in them. Colored glasses, textured and liqueur glasses allow designers to execute their ideas.
In the world, a few artists can make these glasses. But fortunately, Irachi group with it’s equips in different parts could make some kinds of them and make us proud.
Irachi group with honor, trend to cooperate with engineers, designers and specialists to use this valuable art in residential, office and commercial buildings and people are familiar with our valuable art. 

stained glass domestained glass domestained glass dome

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