The first stained glass dome was made in Iran

The first glassy convex structure was made by stained glass technic in one of the special and exclusive units of Tehran. This project which was performed by engineer Yeganeh’s request and supervision and by Irachi’s artists, is one of the most exclusive glassy structures which so far has been made in Iran. 
Stained glass is a kind of glass which is made of glassy items which are connected to each other by lead wires. That’s why they are beautiful and firm and are considered as safe glassy structures.
Limited companies worldwide are active in this scope and making convex samples. In Iran so far there haven’t been this activity. But today, with attention and try of engineer jalaleddinYeganeh and his trust on internal artists and industrialists , this structure for the first time was made in Sonbol project, in Tehran, Farmaniyyeh. And in despite of many problems , this structure with suitable quality and without any defect was made and installed in it’s place.
Executive steps are:
۱)making metallic frame in 2 items form in workplace and installing in it’s place
۲)molding from frame.
۳)stained glass designing by respect to frame and casts.
۴)stained glass making in workplace and it’s installing in it’s place.
In this work, our artists’ experiences about door and window had important role and made visitors to admire.
We hope that by respect to internal artists and designers and by theses drawings in projects , we can support internal handmade industries and make our internal spaces special and beautiful more than past.
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