Tiffany glass dome building (stained glass)- Niyavaran project

Stained glass dome is on the roof and internal void of a residential home. This dome has main duty for lightening the space and in addition has affect on internal decoration and beauty. Impermeability against water and climate condition is
another important point to ute glassy domes projects

glass domeMetallic structure is placed on considered place after assembling and is installed completely by welding. Then, after required joinery on structure, glasses installing will be begun

glass domeStained glass dome in this project is sealed up from outside space and then it will be impermeable against rain and washing

glass domeglass domeWrapping stained glass panels on total space of the dome causes the dome is build identically and by putting the patterns along each other an identical dome is built.

glass domeglass domeIt’s affect on internal space leads visitors to be staggered

glass domeIn final, natural light on painted items makes an unbea beauty in internal space

glass domeIrachi group as only producer of stained glass domes prides to it’s ability to implement these structures in construction projects and to have an important role for internal decoration.

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