Characteristics of furnace for earthenware cooking

Useful dimension of inside: length 65 cm-width 45 cm-height 50 cm
External dimension: length 80 cm-width 60 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Gas furnace with civil gas and atmospheric torch which is prepared by automatic thermocouple which turns off input gas to torch quickly, when flame is off for any reason.
Galvanized body

Insulating the furnace by ceramic board with 1260 degree centigrade
Door of furnace in box form over the device
Thermocouple for determining temperature of inside
Mono-phase thermostat for turning off the torch of furnace when work is finished.
Handle and boxy lock
Lockable wheels with rotation 180 degree
Irony base with furnace color

(Usage manner(furnace of earthenware cooking

This gas furnace has torch which is separated from body and can be replaced easily. During usage, put torch in front of the shield which is put in down part of furnace. For turning the furnace on, press the latch and turn pilot on. When thermocouple works, make the latch free till gas flows and torch works. Then, set the flame by valve. There is an Alluminiumgate  on the torch by which amount of oxygen for torch is set.
There are 2 gates on the door of furnace which are covered by ceramic. Make them open during cooking and close them after turning the furnace off and cooling.
Your furnace includes a thermostat which shows you internal temperature of furnace. This thermostat can be connected to an alarm which makes a sound after reaching set temperature and finishing work and it shows time of finishing work. In addition it can be connected to gas offing valve and offs gas automatically.
Sail the furnaces of earthenware cooking
There are furnaces for earthenware cooking in mentioned dimension. Other dimension can be produced based on orders. All students, artists, institutes, workplaces etc can use theses furnaces to cook earthenware. For sui dimension and not produce pollution or heat around them, they can be used in workplace and even homes.
Irachicompany is responsible for sail, install, usage training, and services after the sail.
Interested people can contact with Irachi for more information and taking prices list.
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