Characteristics of electrical furnace of fuse glass

Useful dimension of inside: 60*100cm
External dimension: 75*115cm
Height of the body: 30 cm
Height of the base: 90 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Mono-phase electricity: 220 volt/20A .by ability to convert to 3-phase electricity with 15 A
Body: galvanized sheet
Base: iron with color of furnace
Insulator of the body: ceramic fiber blanket 1260 degree centigrade. made in Iran. With 3 insulator layers in roof and floor of the furnace
French elements with 2 mm thickness (3 pairs) in ceramic pipes with diameter in 16 mm
With 81 programs .name of brand: Batech Germany
Electrical box with furnace color which is installed on the base of furnace
German contactor 32 A
On/off fuse ,32 A
Microswitch for turning current off when door of thermocouple furnace is opened.
۲ french lifters to ease opening the door of handle furnace.
Boxy lock
Base wheels by 180 degree rotationability and lockable
electrical furnace

Usage method:

After putting glassy items in furnace and making sure that its door is completely closed:
۱)connect device to 220 volt electricity. In the path of this electricity, a 32 A fuse should be placed.
۲)turn on the device by fuse which is placed inside the electrical box.
۳)programming following this:
electrical furnaceKeep mode button for 4 seconds till device be ready for programming.
The first step is temp setting. By up/down arrows ,set favorite temperature.
Press save button and enter time step. Set favorite time by arrows.
Continue this way until all programs are recorded on furnace.
Then, go to program 1 and press mode button for 8 seconds till electricity enters elements and furnace begins to work.
۴) after working, turn off device that it become cool and in temperature of environment.
Sail the furnaces of fuse glass
There are furnaces in large  (۶۰*۱۰۰) and small(50*40) dimension. Other dimension can be produced based on customers’ order.
All students, artists, institutes, workplaces ,etc can produce decorative and constructive glasses by these furnaces.
Irachicompany is responsible for sail, install, usage training, and services after the sail.
Interested people can contact with Irachi for more information and taking prices list.
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