Building tiffany-stained glass dome (residential project-Birjand)

The 5th stained glass dome building has been begun in December 2014, in Birjand. This project is implementing in a residential building in Birjand. Glassy structure will be built in void ceiling of this duplex villa.

stained glass domeDome will be placed on the roof and will be observed in external view. Section of the dome is a circle whose diameter is 4.80 m.
stained glass dome

It’s MrAbbaszadeh’s design which is a complicated and classic design and needs high accuracy and expertise.
stained glass dome

Linear plan of this work was drawn based on primary pattern and by respect to area of the work and then color of different items were determined that different glasses would be cut.

stained glass domeBecause diameter of dome gate is approximately, 5 m, a frame with 16 items were drawn. It’s irony and CNC device cut it which make it strong and delicate.
stained glass domestained glass dome

Applied glasses in this plan are sandblast, acid wash, simple board, and in addition bronze and turquoise jeweled were also applied. All items after making and being bent were welded by irony wires from back because of large dimension of the work. This leads glass not to transform in high temperature in desert zones.

After making the s for stained glass, the first item of 16 ones was built. stained glass dome

For making bent and laminated glasses as protective and seal for dome, frame was transferred to bing glasses workplace  to begin the work. stained glass dome

After making all kinds of glasses in Irachi workplaces in Tehran, they were sent to Birjand. For this, strong and s boxes were used.
stained glass dome

Then, installing the frame on structure and installing glasses were begun

stained glass dome۱۷ items of stained glass and 17 items of bent glass were installed accurately by Irachi masters.
stained glass dome

Sealing the dome which requires silicon glues, is final step of the work.

stained glass domeAfter installing, beauty of this glassy structure attracted all visitors. stained glass dome

Irachi group as only producer handmade glassy domes proudly finished this work.

stained glass dome

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