Building decorative glassy bright ceiling (by tiffany art-stained glass technique)

Location of project: Zaafaraniyehstreet, Makouyipour

This stained glass bright ceiling was built in internal space of a lobby in a residential complex of Zaafaraniyehstreet, southern Makouyipour. This structure is placed in a short height of ceiling and comprised of a metallic structure and stained glass items.

Building decorative glassy bright ceilingIt’s tried to make selected pattern similar to water-jet pattern of floor and motifs in total space of building.
Building decorative glassy bright ceiling

This structure comprised of a circle in the center and 12 round items which are placed beside each other and make a unique pattern.

Building decorative glassy bright ceilingAll kinds of painted, colored, textured and simple glasses make the patterns of this beautiful design. Items installing on structure is done easily.
 Building decorative glassy bright ceiling

By lightening behind the pattern, beauty of stained glass will be increased and light of lobby will be taken, beautifully.
Building decorative glassy bright ceilingLobby of building is a space to represent building and should be represented as best form as possible. Because people who enter to building, at first, see lobby.This glassy structure is favorite for residents and guests.

Building decorative glassy bright ceilingWe pride that Irachi group is producer of decorative stained glass and can enter these unique structures to Iran architecture to make difference in internal spaces.

Building decorative glassy bright ceiling

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